Novice 2 Maestro Guitar Course (6 Months)


This course is for adults that are complete beginners to guitar. This intensive course will take you through all the basics of guitar playing and develop your skills and your confidence along the way.


Included in this package:

- Weekly 1 to 1 30 minute online sessions with a Professional Guitar Coach.

- Monthly 1 to 1 'Maestro' sessions. This consists of a 30 minute session where we can discuss your progress, ask any questions and get advice for all things guitar. You will also receive a monthly report which breaks down material covered in the month and give you specific areas to focus on to aid your development. 

- Expert Q and A : Got a burning question about guitar? Don't panic! With this package our experts are on hand via WhatsApp. Simply message them your question and you will receive prompt and professional advice and answers to all your guitar related questions!

- Want to continue lessons with your Guitar Coach after 6 months? No problem! You will receive a 10% discount on your monthly fees for 3 months following your completion of the 6 months Novice to Maestro course!